Library Scavenger Hunt for bigger kids

Library Scavenger Hunt for bigger kids

In figuring out what to do with my kids this summer on our shoestring budget I went to the old stand by: the public library. While the library has a lot of programs for little kids, they don’t have a lot of stuff for middle school aged kids. I found a lovely Scavenger Hunt created by Bethany Wilson But the age aim was just too low to be of interest to my girls. So I used it as an inspiration and wrote my own, ramping up the difficulty. When I figure out how to make a PDF I’ll come back and add that in so you can download and print to use for yourself.

The Hunt
Unless otherwise designated, each item is worth two points. Bonus questions increase the score to three points. Starred questions (*) questions are worth seven points. A time limit is suggested. They CAN use the library database or Google to assist, but they MUST physically locate the book on the shelf. I strongly recommend a time limit.

1. Judge a book by its cover! Find a cover in a NON-FICTION department that looks interesting to you.
Title: ________________________________________________
What’s on the cover? ________________________________________________
2. What category of books are the 620’s in the Dewey decimal system?
3. Find a book about a dog. The first five words of the first chapter are:
4. Find a book in the Juvenile Fiction section of more than 400 pages.
Title: __________________________________________________
5. Find a book in the reference section with mechanical diagrams.
Title: ____________________________________________ call number: ________
6. Find a book with a one word title. Double points of it’s non-fiction.
Title: ___________________________ Call number: ______________
7. Find a book with the call number 754, what is it about? ________________________________________
8. Find a book of more than 1000 pages. Large print editions DO NOT COUNT.
Title: ____________________________________________ call number: __________
9. Find a cook book, pick a recipe you’d like to eat.
Title: ________________________________________ call number: ________
Recipe: ______________________________________________________
10. What Dewey decimal designation does the Bible have? _____________

What about the Torah? _____________ The Book of Mormon? _________________
11. Find a RED book cover in the 400’s, what is it about?
Title: _________________________________ subject: ___________________________
12. What section would you find a book on Cryptozoology in? _______________
13. Where would you find books on managing a family budget? __________________
14. Find a book about raising chickens.
Title: _____________________________________________ call number: __________
15. Find a book about sewing or embroidery.
Title: ______________________________________________________
16. Find a book written in a language other than English. Call number: _____________

Title: ___________________________________
17. Find a book about a person you’d like to know more about. Call number: _________
Title: _________________________________________________________
18. Find a Fiction book WITHOUT the word “the” in the title OR as the first word in the first sentence.

Title: _____________________________________

First five words of the first sentence: ______________________________________
19. Find a book currently on the New York Times best sellers list.
Title: _______________________________________________________
20. The “OED” is what? _______________________________________
Call number __________ BONUS What year was this first published? __________
21. * Find a periodical aimed at a specific profession, not hobbyists (e.g. The Journal of Internal Medicine). Read an article.
Publication title: ___________________________________________
Article title: ___________________________________________________
Did you understand any of it? Yes [ ] No [ ] Sort of [ ]
Did it pique your interest in that profession? Yes [ ] No [ ] meh [ ]
22. * Find a periodical aimed at hobbyists, read an article.
Publication: ______________________________________________
Article title: _________________________________________________
Did you learn something new? Yes[ ] No [ ]
Did this article pique your interest in that hobby? Yes [ ] No [ ]
23. * Find the most recent Sunday edition of your local paper. Date: _________
Title: __________________________________________
Find the Obituaries. How many Smiths are there? _________ Joneses? _________
Any name beginning with a Q or a Z __________________________
24. Find The New Yorker magazine. Find a political cartoon and describe it : _________________________________________

Did you understand it? Yes [ ] No [ ]
25. Find a book well below your reading level that you have never read before. Read ONLY the last page. Title: __________________________________

call number: __________ Summarize what you think the story was about: _______________________________________________________________

26. * Find the Wall Street Journal. Find an article about your city, region or a business located in your city or region. Date: _________________
Article title: _____________________________________________________________
27. Find a book about collecting antique dolls. Call number: _____________
Title: ____________________________________________________________
28. * Find Sports Illustrated. Find an article written by a pro or former pro athlete.
Date: __________ Article title: ___________________________________
Author: __________________________ Sport: _______________________

29. Find a book about English grammar. Call number: _____________
Title: __________________________________________________
30. Find a biography or autobiography about someone still living today.
Call number: ___________ Person it’s about: ___________________________
31. Find a history book about a specific nation or people covering an era prior to 1500 A.D.
Call number: ________________ Title: _______________________________________
32. Find a non- fiction book with the word “dance” in the title. Call number: _____________
Title: ______________________________________________________
33. * Find a book that takes its title from Shakespeare. Call number: ____________
Title: __________________________________________________________________
34. Find a book of fairy tales specific to a region or people. Call number: ____________
Title: _____________________________________________________________
35. Find a book about something that is extinct. Call number: ________________
Title: _____________________________________________________________
36. Find a book about something living in your home or yard other than people. Call number: _______________

Title: ____________________________________________
37. Find a book about a language you don’t speak. Call number: ______________
Title: ________________________________________________________________
38. Find a history book about someplace you have been or live. Call number: ____________
Title: _____________________________________________________________
39. Find a travel book about some place you’d like to go. Call number: ___________
Title: ______________________________________________________________


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